Temple battles often involves many players and the battles can last a long time. Allowing battles to be controlled manually by each player means only one player can attack at a time and all the other players will have to wait for their turns. 

Imagine if we have 50 players from both sides, each player is allowed up to 3 minutes to finish their battle, then the last person will have to wait 5 hours for his/her turn.  What makes it worse is that the length of each battle varies, so the waiting time for each player is entirely unpredictable! 

We believe it's not realistic to force players to wait for their turns, not only because it can be very stressful to wait for an uncertain amount of time; but also because  the majority of our players play Storm of Wars on their mobile devices, so they may not even be available when they are needed.  

Therefore, for all the battles that happen in the Temple, Citadel and Fortress, we decided to run these battles automatically once the armies arrive at the complex.  Both players will receive a battle report and a replay on the battle they fought. 

Battles will continue until one party exhausted all of their armies.