How to attack another player in the World?
• First navigate to the World view
• Tap on the target and in the pop-up menu, select Attack. A circle of green grids will show up to indicate valid attacking range. Your city or army must be standing on a green grid to initiate an attack.
• If your city or any of your army is within the attack range, a dialog will show for you to choose where you want to send the army from. If you don't have an army within the attack range, simply march one to a place nearby.
• If you choose to march from your City, you will be given a chance to choose the units you want to send. You can also tap All button to select all the available units in your city at once.
• If you choose to march from an army, the entire army will be selected and sent out. It's not possible to choose only partial units from an army.
• After the units are selected, tap the Attack button to issue your command and the army will be on their way.
• A progress bar will be displayed on top of the screen to indicate when the army will arrive at the target. Once the army arrives, you will be automatically navigated into the battle view. 

    Can I control my units during an attack? 

    Yes, as an attacker, once you enter the battle view, you will be presented with a list of units. Drop them onto the battleground to start the attack. You have only limited time to finish the battle or it will stop automatically if the timer runs out.
    • If you destroy the target's City Castle, you win the battle and gain extra 10% honor points
    • If you destroy all the buildings and units, you get a Massive Win.