How to march an army around?
• First navigate to the World view
• Locate the destination you want to march your army to. Make sure it's an Empty Tile.
• Tap on the destination and a menu will rise from the bottom of the screen.
• Select 'March' and choose where you want to send the march from. By default, your city will be shown in the list. If you have any armies stationed outside of your city, your armies will also be shown in this list.
• If you choose to march from your City, you will be given a chance to choose the units you want to send. You can also tap All button to select all the available units in your city at once.
• If you choose to march from an army, the entire army will be selected and sent out. It's not possible to select partial units from an army.
• After the units are selected, tap the 'March' button.

All you need to know about the march operation:
• You can march an army anywhere within your Kingdom.
• You can march across the border of an enemy faction, but be cautious.
• Each march operation costs a small amount of gold.