The 'Survival Battle Arena' Event is a Solo Arena Event, battled at player level. Players from all participating kingdoms will compete each other in an intense PvP mode! One battle Arena, players from all participating kingdoms.

Survival Battle Arena Schedule: 

1) Sign-up Period:
The first 24 hours of the event is the Sign-up Period. You can teleport into the Arena anytime and wait safely. All attacks are prohibited until the battle starts.
Note that, once you teleport into the arena, you cannot teleport out of the arena until the event ends.  You must be City Level 11+ to join the Arena!

2) Battle Time:  
The Battle will last 24 hours until the Event ends. Once the battle begins, you can start attacking any other player at will. You gain Arena Points by massively defeating another player's city and teleporting them out of the arena.

The safe area of the arena will shrink by 1 layer every 4 hours. The Center region will last for 4 hours. Cities outside the safe area have a limited time to teleport away, or else, they will be teleported out of Arena.

What's the Survival Battle Arena?

In this Arena, your main objective is to stay alive and gain as many Arena Points as possible! You can gain Arena Points by massively defeating another player, and each time you boot another player, you get all their pointsAll survivors will get rewards and the more Arena Points you gain, the better rewards you will get!

The last one standing will win massive MEGA Reward!

How to gain Survival Arena Points? 
1) Each player has a Base Point which is decided by his/her overall strength.
2) Each time a player massively defeats another player's city, this player will gain all the points from the defeated player.
3) Player's Arena Point will be displayed on top of its city in the world view! Pick your target wisely! 
4) Whenever a player took the No.1 spot in Arena Points, an in-game notification will be broadcasted to all the players!
5) Players, whose city got massively defeated, will be eliminated and teleported back to their home kingdom right away.
6) Players who survive at the end of the Event will get rewards.
7) The more Arena points you gain, the better reward you will get.
8) In case, one player defeats all others and becomes the 'Last One Standing', s/he will receive a massive Mega reward!

The Survival Battle Arena will shrink in Size! 

The size of Arena will shrink layer by layer until only the center region remains! Players, who did not get out of the shrunk area in time, will be eliminated right away. You will receive a shrink notice on the left of your screen. Tap it, and it shows the countdown time!

Survival Rewards
1) All players surviving at the end of the Event will get rewards!
2) The more Arena Points you gain, the better reward you will get!
3) The last one standing will receive a massive MEGA reward!
4) A special medal will be rewarded to all players surviving at the end of the Event!
5) All players who are eliminated will lose their Arena Points and are not eligible to receive rewards!
6) Note that, there are no milestone rewards for Arena Survival Event. Only leaderboard rewards are enabled!

The player who scores the highest Arena Points wins Gem Tiles for his/her entire kingdom!