To make sure your hard work is not in vain and always safeguarded on our server, please register an account with your email address and set a password to save your game progress. 

How to do it?
1) From the city view, tap the 'Menu' button on the bottom right
2) Click 'Account' and tap 'Register'
3) Follow the on-screen instructions to enter a valid email address and set a password. Your password is only stored locally on your device and our support team can't see it, so no need to worry about the security of your password.
4) Tap 'Finish' to finish the process

Now your game progress will be uploaded to our server which takes only a few seconds and is automatically synchronized to our server in the future! 

By binding your account to an email, now you can play the same game account on multiple devices of yours by restoring your account using the combination of your email and password.

Note, the registered email cannot be changed later once it's bound to an account.