Your in-game name can be changed using 'Change Lord Name'. You receive two 'Change Lord Name' items when starting the game.

To change your name, open your 'Bag', then choose the 'Special' category and find the item 'Change Lord Name', select it and tap the 'Use' button, then follow the on-screen instructions to change it to a new name. Only characters (a-z), letters (0-9) and period is allowed in your username.

If you are having trouble using the name-change feature, make sure that you enter your new name twice in exactly the same format, letter by letter.

If the name you've selected isn't valid, it means the name or some part of it is blocked by our language filter, or otherwise does not match the username requirements. Please try a different name, or a different spelling.

When designing the in game name changer, we require the player to enter the new name twice. This was to prevent names from being swapped accidentally or without careful consideration.