Storm of Wars is home to many friendly and decent people. But sometimes within big communities, you may come across players who don't know how to behave. 

We added filters in many places that should prevent players from choosing inappropriate names or using inappropriate words for chat or mail, but unfortunately some content may sometimes slip through.

How do I block offensive players? 
If you encounter inappropriate content in Chat, you can block them by selecting the player and tapping the Block button. Once they are blocked, their messages will no longer show up in your Chat Window.

If you encounter inappropriate content in Mail, you can block them by opening the mail and tapping the Block button. Once they are blocked, they can no longer send you mails and they will get a message saying they have been blocked. 

When it comes to people with behavior issue, what they need the most is your attention, that was the reason we implemented the Block button. However, we do understand some time the inappropriate behavior could escalate and actions need to be taken. When that happens, please report it to us. 

Why is it necessary to block the offensive players in-game? 
When you encounter an offensive player, please use the 'Block' button to stop their actions right away. It's important to do so because each time a player is blocked, the block count on this player's account will increase. 

I f there are many people blocking the same player, an alert will be sent to us automatically and we will give the player a warning, if it keeps happening, we will take further actions to ban the player's account depending on the severity of the issue. 

How to I report offensive players to our support team?  
If you encounter inappropriate content outside of the Chat or Mail, please take screenshots of the interaction, and send us all the information by using the Contact Us button.