What’s the Throne War?
The Throne War will be organized for the Arena-winning Guilds to compete and challenge the supreme title 'Emperor / Empress'!
• When the Throne War starts, the Throne will be randomly placed on the World Map in the Throne War Battleground.
• The location of the Throne will show up on the mini-map so that everyone can find it easily.
• The 1st player (either a leader or a member), who finds the Throne and teleports onto it, will become the Throne owner.
• The Guild that holds the Throne for the longest time wins the Throne War.

How to capture the Throne?
• If the Throne is empty, you can capture the Throne by teleporting directly onto the Throne. See the capturing video below.
• If the Throne is already captured by another player, you must first massively defeat the existing Throne owner. The defeated player will be teleported away, but the Throne will stay at where it was. Your City will be automatically teleported onto the Throne.

How long is the Throne War?
• The Throne War will last for 7 Days

Winning Condition
• The Guild that holds the Throne for the longest time in 7 days wins the Throne War!
• The Throne War will last exactly 7 Days regardless whether a guild is able to hold the Throne for more than half of the time. A special Guild Event will be organized during the Throne War to reward the participating Guilds based on their Throne Owned Time!.
• The leader of the winning guild will become the 1st Emperor / Empress!

Throne Owner – Limitations
• The Throne owner cannot teleport back to his/her home kingdom.
• The Throne owner cannot activate the City Shield.
• The Throne owner cannot pass the Throne to another member.
• The Throne owner’s Advanced Teleport cool-down time will be increased to 3 hours; so once every 3 hours, the Throne owner can move his/her city & the Throne to another location.

The Throne & the Battleground
• The Throne War battleground is a big Warzone. Anyone who is massively defeated will be automatically teleported away from its current location no matter where they are.
• The Throne will have its own special Lava Crack area. You can not activate City Shield on the Lava Crack, however the Throne’s Lava Crack will not slow down the army’s march speed.

Can I add new members into the Guild after the Throne War starts?
• Only the initial 100 members, that are in the Guild at the time when the Throne War starts, can join the Throne War.
• During the Throne War, the member list of the participating guilds will be locked down, which means no member can quit or join the guild. Only the Guild leaders can kick a member during the Throne War.

• During the Throne War, the members of all participating Guilds can teleport between the Throne War battleground and their home kingdom. The only exception is the Throne War owner.