The Cross-kingdom Guild War (aka, Arena Event) takes all united kingdoms to the next phase in Storm of Wars!

This Arena war is battled at Guild Level, and each guild has a chance to win the war by conquering regions and expending their territory.

The closer a region is to the center, the better resource tiles it spawns and the more points it grants towards the Guild War.

Guild’s Territory
When your guild conquers a Fortress and holds it through the contested period, this region will become your guild's territory.

Guild’s Homeland
When your guild conquers 5 adjacent regions (shown in the above demo), the center region will become your guild's homeland and a homeland border will rise to protect it.

Guild’s Homeland Border
The Homeland Border prevents enemy guilds from teleporting their cities into your guild’s homeland. Be aware, however, that it doesn’t stop their armies from crossing!

The border also protects the Fortresses in your guild’s homeland from being attacked by enemy guilds.

To push back an enemy guild’s homeland border, a guild must conquer at least one adjacent region outside of the border.