If you still have access to the registered email, then yes!

The steps to reset your password are:
1) Install the game and finish the tutorial
2) Open the Menu dialog
3) Go to 'Account' and tap the button 'Restore' 
4) Enter the email that was registered with your account
5) Tap the 'I Forgot' button next to the password text box. 
6) The reset instruction will be sent to the registered email.  If you didn't receive it in 10 minutes, please check your Spam folder.

Then, follow the instruction below to restore your account:
1) Open the Menu dialog
2) Go to Account and tap the button Restore
3) Enter the bound email address and the password
4) Tap Restore

After the above steps, your account will be safely restored on the new device. If you decide that you don't want to play your game account on the old device any more, please uninstall your game to ensure the safety of your account.