The Kingdom vs. Kingdom (KvK) Fortress Conquer Event is one of the three types of the KvK Events. This is a special KvK Event for  Fortresses Conquering !

• During this Event,  Temples in the participant Kingdoms will be closed and shielded throughout the Event, but  ALL War Zone Fortresses will be opened for attack!
• At the beginning of the Event,  War Zone Fortresses will be reset to its initial status guarded by  Skeletons to be fair for all Guilds!
• All armies stationed in Fortresses will be returned to their Cities instantly at the beginning of the Event.
• Killing troops on the  Lava Crack will grant more points than other areas!
• Holding the Fortresses will grant signifiant amount of points!
• During this Event, the  Teleport Cool-down will be decreased from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.