Gem Mines are special rewards available ONLY from the Kingdom vs. Kingdom Events. The Winning Kingdom is rewarded with the Gem Mines.

Gem Tiles are only spawned within the War Zone. You can collect from the Gem Mines by occupying it. If owned by another player, you can evict the player by defeating their army!

Note, you cannot raid Gems from another player during a battle regardless whether the enemy army carries Gems or not. 

HOWEVER, they can still kill your troops on the Gem tiles! 

Troop's Gem Load is much smaller than their normal load, and the collection speed is slower too. When your armies' Load capacity is met, they will immediately march back to their Home city to deliver what was collected.

Gem tiles will not be re-spawned once they are gone. 

Important:  You must install the latest version v1.8.0 in order to collect from the Gem Tiles. V1.7.5 is not supported.