What are Kingdom vs. Kingdom Kill Events?
Kingdom Kill Event is a competition among Kingdoms. It allows Kingdoms to battle against one another. Collaboratively you and your entire Kingdom will battle rival kingdoms to compete for supremacy. The Kingdom that scores the most Points will be spawned with Gem tiles!
You can find the Kingdom Events by tapping Menu > Event. Complete specified actions to score points! 

KvK Event Types
There are three types of Kingdom Kill Events:
1) Kingdom vs. Kingdom Fortress Conquer Event
2) Kingdom vs. Kingdom Massive Kill Event
3) Kingdom vs. Kingdom Temple Conquer Event

How to Score Points? 
You can score points towards the Kingdom Event by executing specific actions. Each Event may have different action requirements. The following are some examples:
• Hold a Temple / Fortress of the Rival Kingdom
• Hold a Temple / Fortress  of the Homeland Kingdom
• Kill Rival Kingdom Players’ Troops
• Kill Skeletons in the Rival Kingdoms
• etc…

Rival Cities 
Once a Kingdom Event starts, all players from the Rival Kingdoms will turn into a unique Red Evil City appearance. Remember, your Kingdom in turn is a Rival Kingdom to the other kingdoms. This means you see them as evil cities and they see you the same way.
Cross Kingdom Pass
During the Kingdom Kill Event, the participating Kingdoms will be opened to each other. Players can teleport into rival kingdoms using an Advanced Teleport, and score points by completing specified actions.
If you teleport into a rival kingdom using an Advanced Teleport, you are immediately assigned a Cross Kingdom Pass, this pass allows your city to stay in the rival kingdom for a limited time. The Cross Kingdom Pass is a City Buff, and you can check the remaining time in the Buff page (Shop > Buff).
Important: When your Cross Kingdom Pass expires, you city and your armies will immediately teleported back to your Home Kingdom!
Teleporting within an Rival Kingdom will not reset your Cross Kingdom Pass, you must return to your Home Kingdom, and then reenter the Rival Kingdom to refresh your Cross Kingdom Pass. 

The Winning Kingdom
The Kingdom that scores the most Points in the Kingdom Events wins the competition and will be rewarded with Gem tiles.

Event Bonus
• When battling enemy players from the Rival Kingdoms, your Hero gains 50% more Experience points!

Event Rules
• You cannot teleport to another Kingdom if you have armies outside of your city!
• During this Event, the Teleport Cool-down will be decreased from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.
• During the Kingdom Events, the City Shield can NOT be activated when it is on Lava Crack!
• It’s not safe to stay on the Lava Crack because Shield of all cities on the Lava Crack will be disabled during the Kingdom Kill Event!
• Within the last 10 minutes before your Cross Kingdom Pass expires, you cannot initiate an attack against any rival players. No one can attack you either.
• Players from Rival Kingdoms can still stay inside of your kingdom after the Event ends until their Cross-Kingdom Pass expires, so it is still NOT safe within a few hours after the KvK Event ends!
End of Event 
When the Kingdom Kill Event ends, the participating Kingdoms will be closed to each other and players can no longer teleport cross Kingdoms.
Note: If your city is still inside of a Rival Kingdom when the Event ends, you may stay until the Cross Kingdom Pass expires. Once it expires, your city and armies will be immediately teleported back to your Home Kingdom.

Event Leaderboard
Once the Event ends, the Kingdom, Guild and Solo Leaderboards will be automatically updated in the Event History page. You can find it at: Menu > Event > Kingdom > History.