The Hero Page can be found at Menu > Hero. 

Important: in the initial release, the Hero can not be drooped onto the battleground, nor can he walk in your city, so he will be playing a defensive role for now by providing bonuses until future updates. 

Hero Experience
Hero Experience decides the level of your Hero. In the Hero page, you can see an Experience (XP) Bar on the right hand side. Within this bar, the fraction inside represents your current experience amount and the total experience needed to progress to the next level. 

PvP Talent Tree & Bonuses
Tap the PvP button will open the Talent Tree for your Hero's PvP bonuses. Talent Points are gained when your Hero levels up. These points can be spent in the Talent Tree. The amount of Talent Points owned can be seen at the top left info box. 

The PvP Talent Tree is where you can strategically choose what boosts you want your Hero to specialize at. The more points spent on a Talent, the more powerful that Talent will become. 

Button 'Reset Points'
If you with to change how the points are currently be assigned, you can start over by clicking the 'Reset Points' button located on the top-right corner. It will reset the Talent Tree and give back all points so that you can re-assign them on the desired talents. 

Hero Bonuses
Hero bonuses are displayed in the right panel of the Hero page. Scrolling it down will allow you to view the entire bonus table and the current amount of each Talent.  

Question: Can I see my hero walk around?
Not in the current release, but will in the future.