To play Storm of Wars - Sacred Homeland, you need a device that meets the following specifications: 

Please note that our game runs best on devices that meet the following (minimum) specifications: 

Software requirements:
Windows/ Windows Phone 8.1 or better
  Apple iOS8 or better
  Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) or better

Hardware requirements for all platforms:
  1 GB of RAM or more
  A screen resolution of 960x540 or higher 

Additional hardware requirements for Android devices:
  Android mobile phones with 240 DPI or better
  Android tablets with 160 DPI or better

To calculate your device's DPI, use this tool:

To understand DPI requirement, check here:

There’s a whole world of Android devices out there, some operating differently than others. Please consult your device manual if additional adjustments are needed. 

We cannot guarantee these specifications alone will be enough to run the game. The game may not be downloaded or may be unstable if your phone has lower performance CPU, less than 1GB of usable RAM or is jailbroken or has installed lots of applications with very little memory left, etc...