Every time you or another member of your guild complete a *special* quest with Guild Gift, the Guild members will receive a free gift. 

The Guild Gifts are deposited directly to your Guild. You can go to Menu > Guild > Gifts to collect them. 

Note that, the guild gifts from the packages are free gifts that the system gives to the members, the content of the gifts are randomly generated based on its level, so it may include gems or speed ups, but also may include resources or items, there is no guarantee these free gifts will always include gems or speed ups. 

• The higher the Gift Level is, the better gifts are rewarded.
• These Guild Gifts do expire if they are not opened within 24 hours.
• Gift Points can be earned by opening Guild Gifts.
• Each time a gift is opened, a certain amount of Gift Points are added to your Guild's Total Gift Point automatically.
• The Speed-up items and Buff items are deposited into your Bag.
• The resources and Gems reward will not be stored in your Bag, instead, they will be deposited into your account automatically when the gift is opened. 

Warning - the gifts belong to a Guild, so if you quit a guild, you will lose all the Guild gifts that haven't been opened yet!