Please try the following steps as they have helped lots of our players to solve the loading issue.

1) If you are running the game on 2G, it is expected that the game won't load or gets disconnected frequently. 
2) If you have both 3G and WiFi enabled, turn off  3G/GSM cellular data and only enable  Wi-Fi, and then launch the game. If not working, then turn off  Wi-Fi and only enable  3G/GSM, and then launch the game.
3) If you have multiple WiFi networks
, please turn one off and use only the other one (the better one is preferred) and then re-load the game.
4) Check that your device has enough free storage space.
 Lacking of space can result in crashes, slowness and other unexpected issues in any app. Please go to Settings > About and check Capacity and Available. You can free up space by removing unnecessary apps, for instance.
5) Free up device memory
 by closing apps that are running in the background.
6) Turn your device off and then on again, and launch the game.
 The device memory should be free at this point and the game performance should be improved.
7) If you are using an emulator
, it's expected that the game won't install or won't load.
8) Uninstall and reinstall the game. 
This step can fix most of the mysterious issues. 

 NEVER reset your device or uninstall the Storm of Wars app without first registering an account with an email address and password. 

Let me know which step works for you. The information will help us to provide guidance to other players in the future.