If your idea or suggestion have already been discussed and approved (or rejected) by the developer team, our support staff will be able to give you an answer right away. 

However, if the idea is new or haven't been decided yet, our support staff will not be able to provide a direct answer on  whether it will be accepted and how / when they will be implemented; instead,  they will pass the ideas or feedback to the developer team for consideration and discussion. 

Our support staff is also not allowed to comment on ideas or discuss the timeline because often the player will take that as an official Yes answer and become upset if the idea is not implemented in the timeline communicated. 

How does the developer team triage ideas?
We receive lots of ideas, suggestions, and feedback from players every day and even our support staffs themselves came out great ideas, so we use a process called 'Agile' (commonly used in the Software industry) to make sure we don’t lose track of all these great ideas. With this process, we open feature requests for each idea/suggestion/feedback and put them all into a backlog.

During the game development, in addition to all the planned new features and bug fixes, the developer team will review and discuss all the ideas and features sent by players to see whether they fit the overall game design principles and directions; if they do, the team will prioritize and decide which ones to implement based on their severity and priority, and also the available time and resource from the developer team.