You might have heard that it’s safe to buy or inherit someone else’s game account, but it’s not. Why? Because i t’s impossible for you to prevent the seller from accessing the account that they created. This means you may lose your money AND the account. 

Game accounts are always bound to their original email. The registered email cannot be changed.  Even if you pay money for an account, the seller gets your money but remains the license-holder to the game account.  Some scammers know this, and try to exploit others by selling their account with no intention of handing it over. They just take your money, and then you never hear from them again. 

Note that we will not be able to help scam victims get their money back, nor protect an account that has been passed from one player to another.  If we find out that an account has been or is being sold, we reserve the right to ban that game account permanently.