We make sure new players are equally distributed to all factions and also keep a close eye to adjust the ratio daily to make sure all factions got off on an even ground. However, players may progress in their own pace, and it's not realistic to expect all factions will become equally strong eventually, just like the countries in the real world. 

This is why we don't try to solve the impossible, and why we started the game with four factions! 

During the faction war, if one faction is defeated, the players' progress of the defeated faction will NOT be reset and they have a choice to join another faction with their cities; and when that happens, the weaker factions will be united and their strength will be doubled or tripled. 

With the united strength and increased amount of players, the balance of the battlefield will be shuffled and the weak could become strong, and with the freewill of every single player, no one can predict who will be the last one standing and the uncertainty gives every guild a chance to rule the kingdom in the end no matter which faction you were originally from. 

So do not worrying about which faction you are in now. The most important thing is to keep growing your power and polish your battle skills to get prepared for the coming war and make wise choice when time comes! 

Moreover, the faction war is just the beginning of the game, which is designed to help players to practice battle skills, coordination, teamwork and, most importantly, feel the heat and thrill of wars! 

We have tons of new features planned for the future updates which goes way beyond the war zone. Please be assured that if a faction is defeated, all players in the faction will not lose their cities or game progress, in fact, they will get a chance to move to another faction and join the force of their allies! 

In Storm of Wars, all kingdoms belong to one big world! One day players from all kingdoms will be able to interact and battle with each others. The scale of wars will be escalated to a whole new level! Soon you will see the real game starts when the faction war ends and the kingdom is united! Therefore, have fun, stay together and grow stronger to get prepared for a long warpath ahead!