Get prepared for the most intense and existing era - Faction Invasion! All War Zone fortresses will be opened soon! Prepare your armies to BURN the homeland of enemy factions! Wage war across the world map, defeat your rivals, and lead your faction to ultimate victory!

Kingdom #1 has entered this stage, you can check the battlefield progress in K1. Other kingdoms may be called upon to enter this stage in the future once they are deemed ready!

Warzone Fortress
These War Zone fortresses play a key role during the faction invasion as they mark the territories owned by your faction.

Conquering a Fortress and holding it through the Contested Period will win ownership of the Region for your faction! 

IMPORTANT: If your city suffers a massive defeat in the region owned by an enemy faction, it will be teleported away to a random location! This is not limited to the area of Lava Cracks! (This feature is activated when the War Zone opens).

And if your city suffers a massive defeat on Lava Cracks (regardless the ownership of the region), it will always be teleported away to a random location. 

How to own a region
To own a region, your faction conquers the Fortress at the center of the region and hold the Fortress through Contested Period to win the ownership of the Region.

Once the region is owned by your faction, its color on Mini-map will change and then you can start kicking other faction players out of your territory.

Homeland Invasion
To push in the Border of an enemy faction and invade their homeland, your faction must conquer ALL adjacent fortresses (and Temple) outside of its border and hold them through the Contested Period.

Once all adjacent regions outside the defending faction's border change color and are owned by your faction, their border will  be pushed inside for one block all together!
<Factions in this sample are picked randomly!>

The Homeland Fortresses that are exposed outside the border will be open for attack. Once they are lost to enemy factions, the border of the defending faction will be pushed in again until the Citadel is exposed and open for attack.

IMPORTANT: If the regions outside of the defending faction's border are owned by more than one enemy faction, the border will not be pushed in.

NOTE: Conquering all fortresses outside your own faction's border will NOT push out your faction's border into the War Zone.

Fortress Bonus
Many players requested adding bonuses to fortresses. We are actively working on it, but also with great cautions, because excessive bonuses could make the strong stronger and the weak weaker. Therefore, we will gradually add perks for owning Temple/Fortress/Citadel in the future releases. Keep an eye on the News for more announcements!

Homeland Defense
When your homeland is invaded, to defend your homeland and push the Border back out, your faction must conquer ALL adjacent regions outside the border PLUS one more region in the 2nd layer and hold them through the Contested Period.

If a 3rd faction conquered the *one more region* in the 2nd layer, it will serve the same purpose and as a result, your faction's border will be pushed out as well.

However, if any region outside of your faction's border is still owned by another faction (meaning the region color is not Green), then even if your faction owns any or all the regions in the 2nd layer or 3rd layer, the border won't be pushed back. 

IMPORTANT: Once your faction successfully pushes out the border, all fortresses inside your border cannot be attacked or reinforced by the invading faction players anymore.

The enemy cities, that are still inside the border, can only be teleported out of the border and once outside, they cannot be teleported back in. Moreover, if an enemy city suffers a massive defeat in your homeland, it will be teleported to a random location outside your border.

IMPORTANT: After the defending faction's border is pushed out, if your city (as a player in the invading faction) is still inside of its border and it suffers a massive defeat, your city will be teleported to a random location outside the border. 

The Citadel
The Citadel is your faction's last line of defense. Protect it at all costs! If your Citadel is conquered and held through the Contested Period by an enemy faction, your faction is defeated.

All players in the defeated faction must make a decision to either surrender to the invading faction or join one of the other factions!

Once all enemy factions are defeated, the faction war is over and a new era begins! The ruler will be granted the SPECIAL right to rename the kingdom, and lead the people to battle against rival kingdoms!

The following is a list of questions asked by the players. We are listing them here so that all players are benefited. 

Question 1: I know that all adjacent regions need to be owned by a single faction to push the border. The question is... can the next layer be conquered by another faction?
[Answer]: Yes. Another faction can conquer the 2nd layer and then push the border in…. The rule is 'as long as all regions in one layer is owned by one faction'. 

Question 2: Do we need the temple to push the border for every layer? or just the first layer? 
[Answer]: No, you don't need the Temple for every layer. The Temple is only needed for pushing the border in the first layer.